Friday Night Cocktail - Martinez

It's old, so consequently nobody can agree on the recipe. It also dates form when people had a really sweet tooth. And Craddock at the Savoy apparently wanted to make huge batches of the thing so calls for wine glasses of Old Tom Gin. Here;s the Everleigh version.

- 30ml Tanqueray Gin
- 30ml Cocchi Torino red vermouth
- Bar-spoon maraschino
- 12 drops orange bitters
- 6 drops Angostura
- Stirred, chilled Martini glass, squeezed lemon peel and cherry.

Some people seem to like 2:1 Gin-Vermouth. Kind of like a Gin Manhattan. That's also a good drink but I think a Martinez should be Gin&It+Maraschino. Go heavy on all those delicious red vermouth flavours and lighter on the juniper.

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