German wikipedia states that last #cccamp provided energy via diesel generators (1.8MW) because the site was missing proper power access. I really hope this won't be the case in 2019 and more eco-friendly solutions will be used. #35c3

@0x11de784a it'll be the same location as four years ago so better feasible options are probably not available

@Nervengift That sucks. I understand that we can't built own power infrastructure etc. but there should be some governance regarding being eco-friendly. I'm not sure about the technical aspect, but one basic example would be to try to run all LED-devices with solar power and batteries.



Even all those LEDs, use a lot of power all together.

I would actually be curious what most of the power at camps are used for, but getting those stats would be hard.

Another option could be when the ccc would get its own dedicated site, with proper green power connectivity. That's not anywhere near close though.

Do hope we all try to limit our power usage and keep playing with making it sustainable.


@webmind @0x11de784a @Nervengift what about (I know I know) exercise bikes to generate electricity? 🤔


@0x11de784a @Nervengift

Trying to power 1000watt is btw like trying to cycle with your brand new breaks fully pressed. Maybe a bit less bad, but not much.

It's fun to visualize power usage, but in the end it's not that much and find someone with the time and energy left for that during camp :)

Would it be green power if you'd hire people to cycle to generate electricity? ;)


@webmind @maloki @0x11de784a @Nervengift There's a minor stage at Glastonbury in the corner of the Green Fields that is powered by the audience taking turns on a couple of home built exercise bike generators and some car batteries. It can be done if you're ok with not too much lighting.

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