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Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond

Go on, suggest a cocktail.

Because I need some inspiration for tonight's "Friday Night Cocktail".

And no, not a Duke's-Hotel-style Vesper! I don't intend to get hammered. Although ...

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@wrenpile Thanks. I did look at the martini glass version of a Negroni. Variously a Valentino or Camparinette. 50ml gin, 15ml campari and 15ml red Vermouth.

But in the end just went for the old standby, Manhattan.

@jbond There are some who believe a Negroni is made of equal parts of the members of the trinity.

@wrenpile It is a wonderful drink. Which contains huge amounts of sugar.

@jbond Maybe so, but I’ll never forget the time when 12-year-old me took a swig of Campari thinking it was what, cherry soda or something? I spat out the bitter liquid involuntarily. Fortunately, we were outdoors.