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You know its kinda awe inspiring to realize that the megafauna are dead because we ate them.

Who would win giant land monsters or tiny bois with sticks

@Laurelai who would win, a vast interconnected web of life or these weird apes with some melted sand and a bunch of hydrocarbons

(just kidding, the apes die too)

@Laurelai my guess is you need a functioning ecosystem to actually bootstrap your way off-planet, if it's possible.

i guess i'd like to be wrong, on balance, since "keep a functioning ecosystem" doesn't really seem to be on the table.

@brennen @Laurelai I wonder what the minimum viable ecosystem is that can still support a chip foundry.

And rockets.

@jbond @Laurelai congratulations on existing in a timeline that can probably answer this question empirically.

Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond@mastodon.social

@brennen @Laurelai Due to an unfortunate accident of scale, the experiment will take several lifetimes to run.


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