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Why isn't there a good free music player app for #Android that can:

-handle directory hierarchies (i refuse to do id3)
-play formats besides mp3
-has a usable interface
-can be controlled from the lock screen (looking at yout, bsplayer)
-doesn't crash

And if there is, why is it so hard to find? :C
And why is VLC so terrible on Android?
And why don't file managers on Android handle:
-opening a folder with an app
-opening multiple files with an app???

TLDR: Android has a laughably bad UI story

Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond@mastodon.social

@grainloom And when your music collection is on a home NAS.

Uploading all of it to Google Play Music is not a solution. Not least because the UI to that is horrible as well.

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@jbond @grainloom ahh yeah. mobiles suck at that kind of thing.