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Bruce Sterling, SXSW, Unseen future communities

A universal academy: where people devote themselves to learning.

Militarization: people serve and receive basic support, which pleases the right wing.

Refugee status: where authorities supply clothing, food, shelter (“universal basic everything”).

A religious settlement: like living as monks or under sharia

Expanded retirement: “Everyone retires at 40… everyone learns to mimic the elderly.”

Extermination: either First Nations or WWII style.

Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond@mastodon.social

Health care uber alles: a combination of hospitals and spas, focused on preserving and growing wellness. Transhumanism and life extension come in here.

Intentional rural communes: protected from the rest of society.

Urban bohemians: Getting paid to keep cities weird.

Enlightenment: in the Buddhist sense, where people seek religious truth in “a permanent Burning Man”, “a state of general liberation from desire.”

A combination of religion and army: “all jihad all the time”.

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