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Argh. Getting up in the morning, start to read Mastodon and getting stressed out because I can't read all of the stuff that happened in the last 14h or so. Too many people posting while I sleep? Time to prune the list? Anyway, I must be off to work.

Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond

@kensanata On the other two sites I have a large number of people I follow. But I also have a ruthlessly pruned list of people I follow every day. It's only occasionally I look at the big list.

Which is a big reason why I would really like Lists on The Don.

Global Timeline
Local Timeline
Following timeline
Close Friends Timeline

And then there's a series of Special Interest (COI, Group) timelines. But that's another story.

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@jbond currently I’m still struggling with what I really want. I think don’t want a big list of marginally interesting people to occasionally read. I might as well read a good book?