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foss alternatives to disqus? willing to set up commenting myself but don't want to write any code to make it happen at the moment. and feel gross about using disqus.

@rowan if you dont mind PHP, Vanilla can do embedding and become a comments engine in addition to forum stuff. I think you could enable anonymous commenting and/or use the auth providers such as OpenID. (I maintain WinWorld and our comments show comments + SSO integration with main site with Vanilla.)

Or you could just outsource to sites like Lobsters or Reddit? Most discussions seem to happen there anyways...

Julian Bond 🍸 @jbond@mastodon.social

@calvin @rowan After all these years we still don't have a good solution to aggregating comments on the federation of de-centralised blogs. Comments RSS might have worked but nobody ever built the custom UI to use them. And reading the streams in a normal RSS reader really doesn't work.

All the federation and distribution standards that have built up and resulted in Mastodon ought to help here.

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