Boingboing's 2011 only-half-joking 'Mixtape of the Lost Decade' introduced me to the term '19A0s' which sums up surprisingly well my weird nostalgic feelings about those magical pivot years, 1978-1983.

Something serious went down during those years. Massive amounts of creativity got downloaded from somewhere.

I think that portal, whatever it was, is open again this year.


@natecull The period in which you were 18-28 is a time when you felt particularly alive. Any history of that time will inevitably fail to reflect what you personally were going through.

My own coincided with the time before and during '78-> '83 so I sympathise strongly.

19A0 though feels to me like the lost decade of the oughties. I'm struggling now to remember anything of note that actually happened in the oughties.

@jbond well, there was a terror attack and a war and then a financial crash..

but you're right, somehow culturally it was only a half-pivot from the 'dark, exxxtreme' 90s

Internet became mainstream
War became fashionable
Gaming became AAA, infinite Calls of Duty
Movies became series

Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Iron Man and the MCU

TV became cinematic

Yet somehow what sums it all up for me is one show: "Lost"

The decase saw the rise of high plot yet low *meaning in art.

@natecull I know. So easy to be dismissive when it really wasn't that bad. The oughties were 14-24 for my kids. They loved it. The one BIG cultural thing that happened in the middle of it was Dubstep.

An easier argument is that 2000-2005 was post-millennial tension hangover. But 2005-2010 was actually awesome.

@jbond @natecull I think it's interesting that the rise of the internet led, in many ways, to the death of large monolithic cultural monuments.

In a sense we saw the end of arena concerts and the rise of sharable playlists. Massive fragmentation. The real dissolves into its constituent parts and everyone mixes their own model in.

@jbond 2010 seems like a natural high to the cycle that began scaling out in the 1980s. Now we're facing systemic crises like the 70s.

With crisis comes rethinking and new ideas.

@jbond also funny thing for me is the '90s were my twenties yet its still the 80s I look back on .. and especially the tech scene before the mid decade. Feels like thats when the actual big *ideas* came that we now live. Later it was just implementation and adoption.

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