Re Salisbury poisoning. All this talk about "was it Russia?". But nobody's talking about where the rest of the nerve agent is. Or who the person was who planted it or where they are.

Don't these things matter?


Presumably they're not talking about it, because they don't know. Despite there being VERY LARGE numbers of analysts poring (pawing?) over CCTV footage, ANPR records and cellphone records.

Did they go full on "Spooks"?

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@jbond They probably don’t know, because if they did it would prove or disprove Russian involvement and there would be clearer accusations from the govt. But to be fair to the police perhaps it is easier to catch people if they are unaware how close you are.

@cbowdon It's getting interesting with all kinds of entertaining blowback. More popcorn please in aisle 3.
- Russian Oligarch funding to Tories
- Russian Oligarch funding of UK football
- World Cup

@jbond Heh, much as I like the title I’m not convinced by that guy’s article. It seems to build too strongly on his own past assertions about Orbis, which I also think are wrong.

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