i think any computer that has more than about 100 things on it is a mistake. if your OS has 100 things on it, anywhere, then its got too much going on. i feel like the OS should be like. a file on your hard drive called Operating System and theres about 100 files in there. right in there. one of them is called Text Editor and another is called Window Manager etc. maybe even one called Compiler. you're limited to 100. the user can have as many files as they want but the OS can only do 100 things

@jk Android in a nutshell. After installing a certain number of packages -- including built-in bloatware, it starts to get slower & slower.

Even if you don't ever use the packages, it uses up RAM for the package manifest.

@jk Side effects, at least from what I've observed, can include:

- Sluggish behavior beyond the lack of optimization in Google's apps for devices running older versions of Android
- Internet speeds slowing to the point where you might be connected, but it won't actually do anything.

Yes, this package manifest can fuck shit up so badly it no longer has the RAM with which to buffer internet transfers. Easily seen on a device w/ 1GB of total RAM & at least 79 packages installed.

@jk Funniest/worst part: Updates to system packages count as separate from the default system package since there's technically files from both being stored on the device!

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