Spent the last hour writing about Roman coins and what you can lean from metallurgic analysis.

Fucking MLitt had better be worth it.

This is the 4th essay I've written today and my sanity is slipping away from me rapidly. Still one more to go before the end of the day though.


They're all ~1000 words though, it's not COMPLETELY insane.

@olliegerlach That is less scary. To be fair, my Masters involved me writing one full motion picture script tbh

@josephglass That sounds like... a lot. This is mostly research preparation rather than writing, so it's not too bad (until the dissertation in June), although now I come to think of it I've written 9000 words in the last week and I've got another 1000 to go tonight.

@olliegerlach Yeeeeeeesh! My script was essentially for a two-hour long movie, so it was fairly hefty, but it made for a pleasant change from essays

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