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So how does this work. #socialcoopnewcomer wanting this to be easy, not sure it will be. @dajbelshaw @katebowles @cogdog I found you.... who else is here?

Kate @katebowles@mastodon.social

@mandyHoneyman People you'll find welcoming also: @lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @Tdorey @clhendricksbc @econproph @fgraver @actualham @dajbelshaw @cogdog

How it works: it's not quick. Build up a following list, add to it slowly, stop when you have enough.

is a nice way to jump in. Also is an ongoing project of reflection.

@katebowles @lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @Tdorey @clhendricksbc @econproph @fgraver @actualham @dajbelshaw @cogdog Hello everyone. Thank you so much for the boosts and replies. Feeling welcome already in under 24 hours!

@mandyHoneyman Hi Mandy, nice to meet you. I think of this as a place of small and slow. Small: a place to take the time to notice and appreciate the little things that too often pass by unnoticed
Slow: where conversations run over days and weeks. You can take the time to reflect and ponder.

It might not be easy to find your around, but I hope it's not hard either. When in doubt: ask :)

@mandyHoneyman @lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @Tdorey @clhendricksbc @econproph @fgraver @actualham @dajbelshaw @cogdog And social.coop is one of the best instances I see working. It's a good spot to meet interesting folk.

@mandyHoneyman @katebowles @lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @Tdorey @econproph @fgraver @actualham @dajbelshaw @cogdog Glad to meet you!

I agree with Kate--it goes slowly but it is very much worth it. Take your time to find people. And don't be afraid to try interacting with those you don't know but who seem interesting. I have not had a bad experience here with that yet, and have made many new connections!