Anyone good with ? The joints in my wiper arms are really stiff, so the blades aren't being held tight to the glass. I've tried searching for fixes, but everything I find is for rusted or seized motors.

I've been trying WD-40, but they're not getting any better. The springs seem like they're in decent condition too. Can anyone advise me on what else I can try?

Even if you have no ideas, please boost. Thank you


WD-40 is more for "water displacement" and not really a good lubricant.

Go for something like a 5-in-1 oil. There -may- also be a spring you can adjust/replace?

Also if there is rust, P'Blaster is an AMAAAAAAZING penetrating oil.


Thanks for the help, Banjo. Unfortunately, it didn't work the rusting must have warped something so much that it's binding even through the oil. I've ordered in replacement arms. They should be here by Thursday.

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