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Kim βœ… @kimmie

Okay, the Mastodon mobile web app is actually amazing. And it allows me to use multiple instances just by clicking 'add to homescreen' on each site! I'll still keep Tusky around, but for now this may become my preferred method of Maston'ning (πŸ€”) on mobile.

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@kimmie I do the same; fantastic great job on the mobile webapp. 😊

@kimmie lol oops "fantastic great," well still accurate

@nolan @kimmie using the mobile app atm actually. Background notifications wound be cool though if they have time to implement

@kimmie I didn't even think to do that. Thanks for the hot tip!

@kimmie Seriously, I've been trying to figure out the best way to manage multiple instances for DAYS. Using "add to homescreen" makes so much sense. Again β€” THANK YOU.

@aendrew no problem! I hadn't even tried signing in on mobile until just now, but when I saw how great it was I immediately added to homescreen πŸ˜…

@kimmie Where is this? I don't see it in the play store. Or do you mean the site accessed by mobile browsers?

@Angle site access by mobile browsers 😊

@kimmie Me too! Are you using an Android phone or iOS? I'm on Android but curious how it works on an iPhone too.

@joew I'm also on Android, but I assume it works just the same on iPhone

@kimmie Are you talking about an app? Sorry for the stupid question in not too wise when it comes to all this coding and website creation stuff.

@jose301 nah it's not an app you download. Just visit the Mastodon instance of your choice on your phone's browser, then select 'add to homescreen' so you have an icon to the webpage on your homescreen' πŸ™ƒ

@kimmie Thanks so much do you know if there's a way of moving it into the app drawer