After trying Safari (too many missing features) and Firefox (really slow on high resolutions) as alternatives to Chrome, I'm now giving Vivaldi a shot.

Same snappiness as Chrome, and the UI feels a lot like Opera 12 from back when, which is good!

@tripleOslo None, to be honest. I did try it a while ago, but then still favoured Chrome, and didn't see a reason to switch. Should I try Opera now?

Vivaldi seems kinda nice. I know it's not open, but their privacy policy looks decent, and no dubious business practices yet. (Which even Mozilla can't claim anymore.)

I need to try Vivaldi.

I love Opera, but for some reason it suddenly started consuming a ton of memory and it was easier to use chrome than to figure out why.

Opera seems like a good company but I've done no research to back up that claim

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