Yesterday I received a warning email sent by after the thread I posted about . By the look of it, my account has now been silenced / shadow banned. My posts cannot be found through hastags or searches.

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I am not moving to a new instance because of this censorship issue. I will install WordPress with ActivityPub and use it as a window to the . That is the best I can do at the moment. I don't have resources to self host Mastodon or Pleroma. When I moved to this site I decided this is the last time I use someone else's fediverse instance. I will continue to use this account to read and interact with accounts I follow. I hope the admins of this site will eventually lift the ban.

I received this reply from " moderation team"

Cc @Gargron

And this is the reply I sent (Please see attached screenshots) I find their conduct unacceptable on both accounts

1) sending arbitrary "warnings" via email
2) and secretly silencing my account (without any warning or explanation)

Cc: @Gargron

@lohang Uh oh. I haven't seen your earlier post, but based on your past history, I'd say the extremo political wing has seized firm control over there. Time to get out while you still have an account to back up.

@lohang I can see your post on the white nationalist terrorist instance

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