@lohang this has a good point, but I still don't think RMS should continue to lead the free software movement


It amazes me the lengths people will go do defend this asshole.



Do you have any facts supporting your term for #rms ? Otherwise, that term fits you.

All existing "information" has been thoroughly debunked in that solid write-up. Its all disinformation and character assasination.

#RichardStallman resigned because his associates chose to not defend him from this absurdity (maybe he is no longer of use to them, or they want to subvert #fsf -- nothing to do with his cogent open opinions).

@lohang @grainloom

@wyatwerp @grainloom @lohang i don’t have time to do the homework for you. If you’ve been involved in free software for any length of time your familiar with his shenanigans.


"Involved in free software" is very ambiguous; ambiguity makes for a good escape route.

There is no cause for #rms being jettisoned this fortnight.

If there were genuine reasons to turn him away, for decades according to those "involved in free software", he would have lost lots of associates, and speaking opportunities.

He didn't lose opportunities, which indicates that the rot is elsewhere.

@lohang @grainloom
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