I reactivated my Facebook account today to check a couple of 'must-see' posts that I couldn't see otherwise. It was beyond creepy to see it telling me that I 'might know' a person I met offline, and offline only. The only way they could have tracked us together was through our phones. Our phones were at the same location for couple of weeks. I think we took taxis using the same mobile app, separately. That is all. I've never used Facebook from my phone.

We are all "zuckers"

A term coined by : " zucker: someone who is used by Facebook." :

@lohang may be that person searched and checked your Facebook profile few times?

@Sujee my profile was not active until today. There was no way to search and find my profile on Facebook. It was inactive when we first spoke to each other and the whole time we spent together, until today.

@Sujee not active means I had it deactivated. Not just logged out of it.

@lohang So, yeah. That is _beyond fucked up_; it's one thing to be knowingly zucked if you actively use the platform, but what you describe seems criminally latent between FB and wireless carriers.

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