Hey fedizens, how do you search and find a site that runs here on ? Is there a way to remote-subscribe to such a blog if you already know it is compatible?

I actually enabled in one of my blogs. But not sure how to find and subscribe to it in the wild-wild-activitypubverse :D

@lohang in the mastodon searchbox search for @username@wordpress.domain

@lohang with the caveat that this works only if the wordpress plugin supports webfinger, which I don't know if it does. :D

@lohang I have subscribed to my blog via both rss and later activity pub, (just to figure out how) and this page on my website may help

if this is useful please feel free to add to more official documentation etc.

@zleap Thanks. Will have a look at it. Still trying to figure it out.

@zleap I still cannot find your blog by searching for

@lohang I am not sure then, I did struggle a little to subscribe to it myself you may be able to subscribe with http;//www, I used the box in the side bar on the contacts page.

In some ways having these issues is possibly a 'good' thing as if it helps to identify problems the developers can investigate further.

All activity and rss does for me here is when a post is published it sends the post to friendica too.
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