We are in various degrees of lockdown and practising social distancing.

That doesn't mean that the truth should be on lockdown mode.

Governments around the world are exploiting the situation to expand to all aspects of society. This is very worrying.

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@lohang yeah but is there any efficient ways to control it I mean in a country like Sri Lanka?

@Sujee Sri Lanka still has one of the best healthcare systems in the post WW2 world, with a long running record. We have to rely on that. That is the way to control the virus. Relying on one of the most ruthless militaries is a mistake. It will prove costly and disastrous when the outbreak becomes more acute and evident. Then there will be panic and the army will behave the way they know best. It might be too late to correct things at that stage.

@Sujee As far as I can see, this is a calculated measure by the government. From their view point it is not a mistake. They are a reckless bunch with utmost disregard towards ordinary citizens. It will be a costly mistake on the general public's part to believe in it.

@Sujee Of course this militarization has been normalized by the mainstream media too. They always glorify military interventions. They never publish anything critical about it. As a result, more and more people seem to repeat these misconceptions, sometimes borrowing and cultivating them as their own ideas.

@lohang mmm yeah and as a normal citizen I rely on the government and I don't care much about their militarization because *as a normal citizen* right now all I want is to see this virus to be under controlled. And to be honest most people want the same and *most (most probably like 95% I think) are not educated about anything you are saying* ( just what I think as a normal person)

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