Try opening a Microsoft e-book. It breaks because they closed the DRM servers.

The books stopped working.

PS3? Wii? Same story.

The only way to get the same freedom and privacy with digital media we had with physical media, is piracy.

We got scammed.

@lrvick weirdly enough Google play books actually lets you download the epub you bought! 🤯

@Fkrauss @lrvick
It can still have DRM on/in it, which requires validation from an external server to actually read it.
It's like having an encrypted file locally. Without the (decryption) key, it's a worthless collection of bytes.

@FreePietje @lrvick I'm not sure it does as I've used it in offline devices. But the reality is what @lrvick said: ppl need to resort to piracy to get their rights back as there are few venues online that sell you the actual thing you're buying without any caveats

@Fkrauss @lrvick
I have bought "No place to Hide" by Grenn Greenwald as epub and while it was stored locally, I couldn't read it without being online (which wasn't possible when/where I wanted to read it).
Normally I explicitly check whether there is DRM on it and if so, I just don't buy it (but can opt for the physical book). In this case I had assumed there was no DRM.
I did try to crack that epub, but failed.

I'm fine with watermarking, but I will never (again) buy a DRM infected file/epub.

@Fkrauss @FreePietje @lrvick txt or odt is fine too, but i really just prefer real paper books after spending all day on screens

@lrvick it's neat how this is never a problem if you just pirate the thing right off the bat :blobshrug:

Also note that there are people who publishes their book online free of DRM. Recently I recommended a DRM-free book here -

Everything on their website is DRM-free as well.

The thing is, these kind of DRM-free books don't get the same kind of traction a mainstream book gets. They're underrated af, so please share them if you can.

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