/laɪˈkeɪɒn/ 🦑 @lycaon

@killvmeme this and the "bigger" video are the best things jeff gerstmann has ever done

@Vavassor yeah i also think there are some edge cases of like, flatbread proto-pizzas from the times before tomatoes were brought to italy that resembled flat square pizzas - there's a long history in human society of using bread as a plate.

sometimes i get overwhelmed by how deeply ive thought about pizza.

@Vavassor like, square pizzas tend to be thicker, but i'm not sure if that's a logical result of squareness or if that's just the way people who like square pizza also like their pizzas. like, I'm not sure if one could make a thin-crust square pizza. I assume you could.

@Vavassor i don't think there's a significant difference between round and square pizza in terms of cooking evenness? i think it's just a personal preference thing + the aforementioned logistical concerns about very large pizzas

@blacklemon67 we just blew this thing wide open

@blacklemon67 yeah but then you lose the primary benefit of round pizza, which is that every piece has crust

(I actually have no issue with square pizza conceptually, though it's not my preferred way of having pizza. traditional sicilian pizza is square, so as far as i'm concerned it's legit.)

which is why most "party" pizzas (intended to serve like, 20 or 30 people with one pizza) are square

the problem with a round pizza on this scale, i guess, is that you couldn't cut it so every slice was like, reasonably sized. if you wanted a slice that had the surface area of a typical new york slice but from a pizza with a radius of over a meter you'd wind up with a comically long and thin slice of pizza.

and have it be fucking round, like god intended

honestly like it doesn't look *that* big? like it's big and it'd take a lot of people to eat it but i bet you could construct a larger commercially available pizza

answer: it's from this place in LA, it costs $200, and it'S FUCKING SQUARE (1m37cm^2)

*googles "largest commercially available pizza"*

@oceangrunge waiting for gargron to spend all the patreon money on a huge pizza and vape on a livestream

it's been really fun to watch mastodon slowly become exactly as totally exhausting as twitter, but for very different reasons

she says, shouting into the void on an obscure foss federated distributed social network

fuckin weird foss nerds are so exhausting shut up and make dick jokes with yr buds like a normal person

is there a more condescending tech elitist concept than "eternal september"

"weh this thing is broadly accessible and that makes me mad wehhhhhh"