Galactic Civilizations II, Ultimate Edition free for a limited time on Humble Bundle!

Using our link lets them know you found out about it from me, even thought a free game obviously doesn't give anything.

@maloki given how much of a raging asshole he is, and how actively he campaigns against things that would make the world a better place, I will never support Brad Wardell's company again, free game or not.

That's despite many hours pleasantly wasted in the 90s with GalCiv II on OS/2. 😞

@wohali I really don't keep tabs on Political stuff connected with games... It's just energy that I don't have to spend

@maloki I don't either, but Brad went out of his way to be nasty to *me personally*.

I have watched him get worse since that happened (c. 1995) and it's been a train wreck in slow motion.

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