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@maloki @Technowix @Tusky I use the webapp as a PWA on my phone but I am tempted to return to Tusky 👀

@Gargron @maloki @Technowix @Tusky Can Mastodon get some official PWA goodness on the Windows Store?

@ocdtrekkie Why does it need to be added to the store? @Gargron
Can't you save it from your phone browser, or how it's done?

(and let's untag those who aren't important to the actual question)

@maloki @Gargron Microsoft doesn't currently suggested PWAs will get the full "app-like" treatment unless they're listed on the store:

Biggest perk for me, at least though, is that PWAs submitted to the Windows Store are reasonably functional (minus service workers) as apps on Windows Mobile devices.


@ocdtrekkie Fair enough! I'll see what we can do about it, but no promises. @Gargron

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