That awkward moment when you want to request being made an avatar as a mastodon, ala the cute new animations.

But like.... That'd end up being interpreted as me wanting my fursona made into an avatar, wouldn't it?

@ctrlaltdog But I really really want a cute mastodon emote :blobaww:

@maloki Considering that my avatar has confused several folks into thinking that I have a fursona (I don't. Sorry.) I think it's a reasonable concern.

@craigmaloney It's not a concerns, I don't mind the mixup, I just wouldn't want to make anyone disappointed you know? :)

And I'd still want it to "look like me"

@maloki plenty of people get avatars that are illustration of their human self, if that's what you're asking

@impiaaa Yes, I mean, either is fine.

But I'm inspired by that Gargron has a drawn avatar, but I'd rather want it to be a cute mastodon, but also me.

Like, they are so CUUUTe in this video

@maloki oh, I see, I misread, sorry. Yeah, I see the issue…

@impiaaa I just want to be a cute mastodon, that is also me. :D

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