The price of a book includes a discount on the assumption the buyer–reader will advertise it to their circles of acquaintances if it’s good.

So: read Naomi #Novik (one of the many writers affiliated with #AO3), her “Spinning Silver”.

#Jewish and #slavic #sf! #Economics and #finance sf! #Feminist sf! Send me more like this!


@22 Thanks for the recommendation! I'd heard great things about Spinning Silver already, but this bumped it to the top of my reading list. Just finished it and loved it.

@mbrubeck @22 I like it so much I got the Audible version too, which is accompanying me in a lot of spring outdoors tidying.

I love the fugue of voices in the novel, and am amazed that the single reader for the Audible book can keep them distinct with only faint, faint changes of accent, rising naturally from the prose. Really a delight.

@clew @mbrubeck just realized something about this book: while reading it I always mentally pictured the young tsar as Kylo Ren 🤣.

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