"Technology reveals us to ourselves as we always in fact were: networked, distributed, laced with code." theguardian.com/books/2011/nov (from Kirshenbaum's _Track Changes_ which I am now reading)

note that this is a very 2011 take and I'm not sure I agree with it but I admire the pithy phrasing at least. Kirshenbaum follows up by quoting Robert Pinsky: "I find the computer utterly a human artifact. It reeks of us, as do our trombones, and cars, and scissors, and parades, and pizzas. Technology is exactly like humanity. It is our baby, and we are its." from wired.com/1999/01/diaries-2/

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I like the idea that an extraterrestrial might look at a parade and a computer and come to the conclusion that, enh, they're basically the same thing

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@aparrish The French use the same word (défiler) to mean both "to parade" and "to scroll (a window)"...

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