what is even happening in art right now like my brain stops at 2003

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like visual art i'm up to date on music and architecture both of which i find boring atm

@mcmansionhell big art only exists in retrospect, by the shadow it casts. thanks for coming to my ted talk

Hell if I know. I like Kiki Smith and Alec Soth and Albarran Carbrera and Paco Pomet... but I don't even know if any of those people are 'big art', except for Kiki, who might not be big anymore.

@mcmansionhell each of my cat tweets and thirsty responses to attractive lady's is like a Rembrandt

@mcmansionhell i mean i can tell you what's grating to me in art at the moment; white art people being super into trap music

@marcoslopez i graduated from music school and couldn't find anyone i liked enough to try studying with in grad school

@mcmansionhell i saw this installation in a weird joint called ARTECHOUSE in dc, it was pretty cool

also there was a bar in the installation like right behind the camera that filmed this trailer and they had an ~augmented reality~ menu that required a phone app

@mcmansionhell I mean, I drew alf with big tiddy, so there's a thing that happened in art

@mcmansionhell There's a parrot in Stockholm doing really interesting mixed-media work

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