For the last two years I've carried a honeypot laptop with me every time I traveled. I checked it in my luggage, left it unattended in my hotel rooms. After each trip, I did forensic analysis on the laptop to detect if it had been tampered with.

I wrote about my experience and methodology here:

I hoped that, if an evil maid attacker tried tampering with my laptop, I would not only discover the attack, but learn how it works, and possible who was behind it. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I didn't discover any evil maids.

I installed Debian on the laptop. Before each trip, I removed the hard disk and took checksums of the partitions and the disk header. I also dumped the BIOS firmware. After each trip, I did the same, and compared to see if they matched.

I learned a lot about hardware hacking and got to use free software BIOS tools like chipsec, EUFITool, and flashrom.

It was a lot of fun! I go into much more technical detail in the article.

@micahflee The simple reality is that most people who think they're a target simply aren't.

@micahflee well you did have the EFF "I do not consent to the search of this device" sticker on it so I guess that spooked them ;)

Great read! "..even in controlled environments, it’s impossible to give a laptop a clean bill of health with full confidence..." This needs to become common knowledge!
Isn't the solution to this problem to always travel with a firearm?

@micahflee @qbi very interesting read, thank you. the android tool "haven" will likely be illegal in germany, though.

@qbi @jotbe @micahflee here is an article by the lawyer of german publisher heise about "haven": (de) - concluding that it will likely be illegal to covertly record voice audio of someone, privacy laws set high bars and in general prohibit video surveillance in non-public places without any visible notification that this happens. not sure whether it would be ok with a visible sign denoting "video surveillance in progress".

@micahflee my infosec strategy: use a computer so idiosyncratic and jury-rigged that replacing parts, modifying the bootloader, etc., will probably result in the computer not working any more

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