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Jim Stormdancer @mogwai_poet@mastodon.social

A friend was recently mulling over whether game dev is the best way to do good in the world, with his skill set. I gave him my usual spiel about how folks need escapism more now than ever.

His reply? That hardcore gamers are one of the most *over*-served demographics. People need games, but do they need *his* game? Do they need any one game?

I'm still reeling from that one.

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@mogwai_poet The answer is the same as for all artists:

What does his game add to the culture or the human experience that drives it forward?

@mogwai_poet many times I'll get an idea I think is good, and then I examine it under the lens of "but what will this actually say that makes it worthwhile?" and finding nothing, I abandon the idea.

@mogwai_poet me: "what if i spent a few years developing a philosophy of game development that would break me out of appealing to hardcore gamers while simultaneously still making work with popular appeal"

@Triplefox I want to make escapism for people who can't afford to pay for it

@mogwai_poet i think the trick there is to make something that wealthy people will pay you for and then a large corporation copies and makes free to play

@mogwai_poet there is also value in mentorship and building tools to allow others to tell their own stories and define their own escapism.