Stories Untold is "Get Ye Flask" amateur hour. A text adventure made by a team that's never seen a good text adventure.


Many people told me that the text adventure section of Frog Fractions made them realize that they might actually enjoy playing text adventures. That was possible in part because I made that minigame with love of the medium and understanding of what makes it worthwhile.

Stories Untold doesn't give a shit about the culture it's skimming tropes from. The developers just saw Stranger Things and asked "what else is from the 80s??"

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@mogwai_poet I only played The House Abandon (it's uhh unusually GPU-intensive for a text adventure) and it seemed like a one-off built around the spooky presentation, with the textgame parts just being kind of a vehicle for that

@mogwai_poet it seemed to get incredibly good press coverage, I think on the understanding that it was kind of a mood piece rather than An Actual Zork

@aeonofdiscord Yeah the point is clearly the metagame stuff but you still have to *play* it

@mogwai_poet yeah agreed, could've used some work on the fundamentals

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