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Jim Stormdancer @mogwai_poet@mastodon.social

Mario Odyssey knows what chord is playing on the soundtrack and uses that info when playing musical sound effects.


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@mogwai_poet I remember Wind Waker doing something similar, if more rudimentary. Love these kinds of touches.

@BrodyBr @mogwai_poet Galaxy 1 and 2 definitely LOVED to match sound effects to the key of whatever BGM was playing

@mogwai_poet Did you see the Platinum post on the auto generated segues for 8-bit orchestration in Nier Automata? platinumgames.com/official-blo

@mogwai_poet ahhh i love when games do stuff like this, i want to do tricks like this with my own games

@typhlosion The trick is to collect enough ideas like this that together they add up to a game

@mogwai_poet I've heard this feature first in Super Mario Maker, where a sound effect is played when you select a new type of object to create a level. And the pitch is coordinated with the music bed current chord.

@hypolite Yeah it speaks to a level of polish you almost never see