Why Will Never Be Secure – Telegraph

I don't agree with not using marketing, I think it's another tool, so why not using it?

@moshtodon With it being owned by Facebook and being closed-source, no one should have expected it to be secure. Luckily we do have solid alternatives like Signal.

@Adam_Stambaugh doesn't Signal need Google services? also last time I checked Signal, it lacked lots of features :(

@moshtodon I'm using it on my degoogled android just fine. It does require exemption in "Battery optimization", but that's about it. It will check for updates directly from their site.

I'm not entirely sure what features you look for, but it has made a lot of progress in the past couple of years.

The only criticisms I have for it are: no decentralization (minor when compared to most alternatives), you still require a phone number to sign up, and the desktop client is built on electron.

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