Anyone using on ? Maybe we could team up to implement support? is giving me hard time.

@mpts but there is support for bhyve in Vagrant last time I checked. To be honest, I'm not satisfied with it, hence I did start development of CBSD/Reggae which I use for all my projects as it supports bhyve and jail (sorry about the self promotion) and you can provision it with shell script, ansible, puppet, saltstack and chef. I use only shell and ansible, so others might need some attention


@meka I've tried but it asked me many questions I did not know answers to when setting up. has the advantage that it is cross-platform which is the selling point for me here :/

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@mpts I'm not sure Vagrant can convert VM type on the fly, but on the other I never researched that, so I would be very interested in your findings

@meka So there is

I'd like to make support somewhat more official, without having to use unmaintained plugins.

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