What I don't get about Slack or any other 'chat as a service' system is why tech companies would willingly backdoor themselves with a surveillance system to harvest all their most private in-house discussions.

All those chat logs must be worth quite a bit to the right buyers.

@natecull Because marginal cost of self hosting is perceived to be bigger than the risk of stolen discussions

@ayy There's gonna be some exciting times ahead for startups then.

@natecull Maybe. Or maybe the bet will turn out well.

@ayy In a world where maybe three companies control every computer of significance in the world?

I wish good luck to anyone competing with one of those three companies.

@ayy It only takes a single buy-out.

I mean if your company has no secrets of any commercial value to a large competitor, I'm sure it's fine and will remain being fine forever.

@natecull Trade secrets go stale. Dirt too but slower
@natecull Anyway I'd personally self host for my company!
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