I talk a lot about Prolog but really what I want is just a language I can write an Infocom / SHRDLU style adventure game / text-based AI simulation in.

My problem is I have high expectations for a language because I want to do what seems to me to be very simple things:

* have the world obey rules, so all actions cause consequences

* rules that can be changed at runtime

* game AIs can read these rules and make plans

* save/ load the game state to/from disk

Turns out getting these is HARD.

I like how well prolog does here. It does reasonably at all of that minus the mutability of the world I suppose.

@violet Yep, Prolog was my first thought.

Literally more than ten years ago when I first saw Inform 7 I went 'omg I could whip this up in ten lines of Prolog'

and I still think that, I'm just waiting for Prolog to get.... better. Or Kanren to get understandable without me having to buy a book.

I should reread that chapter of paradigms of artificial intelligence programming which deals with this


@violet There is some wonderful stiff in PoAIP but... it's very very Common Lisp-y.

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