That thing where you love a song but you really have no idea what it's saying or if you'd approve if you knew

@natecull my childhood was that - listening to songs and being unable to hear the lyrics because of a 30% hearing loss, then reading the CD cover inserts along to the songs and it becoming crystal clear.
Totally approved of Rage Against the Machine though.


@SenojEkul what listening to rock music live sounds like to me:

Band: Rhsdfjh! DFJHJH JHJDFH!

(crowd cheers)

Band: Mumkmunm muimkm mumudmm mummm, mubl, blbelm, bolleolb, blelle BLLBLEB!!!! BLLB! BLLLKLKILM!!

(crowd goes into delirium, I awkwardly sip my beer and pull out my phone, check the time. Four more hours of this to go. yay.)

@SenojEkul I don't even have hearing loss, I just *really care about lyrics* and almost all live gig sound systems are terrible.

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