"The infrastructure we build must be funded from the commons, belong to the commons, and be interoperable. The services themselves must be constructed and hosted by a plethora of individual organisations – not governments or corporate behemoths – working with interoperable protocols and competing to provide the best service possible to the people they serve."


"Once we understand that our relationship to technology is not one of master/butler but cyborg/organ; once we understand that we extend our selves with technology and that our technology and data lie within the boundaries of the self, then we must insist that the constitutional protections of the self that we have enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and implemented within our myriad of national laws are extended to protect the cyborg self."

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This expresses very well the sense of alienation I get from both corporate Cloud/Mobile technology and government attempts to ban encryption.

Our technology is increasingly part of our extended physical self.

I don't know quite what at what point this notion of the self intersects with property (I think it requires rethinking both capitalist and old-school socialist ideas of property) but it feels right in an organic/ecological sense.

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This image is DEFINITELY what I think of when I think of how the cloud should operate. Personal data vaults' for people/households. Do not outsource your data-keeping to either governments or tech unicorns (which are practically the same thing, except tech unicorns don't even pay lip-service to the principle of democratic control over the state and literally want a feudal structure to society)

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@natecull Gotta say I am new to this line of thinking but I am increasingly thinking along similar lines, especially in your connection between good digital practice and pursuit of democratic values.

The trick is making is simple enough for people, and THEN the complex social work of making it "standard practice." That's one of the toughest parts, alas

@natecull I've tended to feel this is the right direction as well but the physical security needed to maintain one's own data vault is extremely unevenly distributed. Locally owned and operated trusted offsite storage providers? a PO Box style system? (though I guess that's "trusting the government")

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