got a booth order in the mail n_n

(items from 888mol888, akaissm, 35s00, necopaint, nekomarusyouten, and myusa-e)

another buyee order, this time from melonbooks! some Holoket stuff in here~

books from @/soul_yuki, @/y_o_m_y_o_m, @/kakage0904, @/Guchico77, @/kyouryu99bonryu, @/manuhamu, @/tatakinofu, @/abara, @/sohin_3, @/ree_kkr, @/krkrkr32, @/MikaPikaZo

back at it again

books from @/fuka_hire (フカヒレ), @/lemon_mito (凪白みと), @/yoneyamai (米山舞), @/hanamori59ya (はな森), @/Qs_qs11 (Qs11), @/BARD713 (焦茶), @/ukiukisoda (せんちゃ)

got some art books from hera publishing and some of the recent yuru yuri x atré acrylic stands + buttons!


got my hoshimachi suisei cd in the mail!! (and some art books and manga)

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