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I rise from the realm of shadows after my much needed slumber

im tired goodnight

i see all post's, even those that Have Not Yet Poasted, or will nevr be post,med

no, i do not know what an abater is. i think i was thinking "avatars" when i wrote that and never changed it

this is the folder where all my pictures go in, and these are the subfolders which i cleverly named

entropy five-o

if i had an extra eye for every toot i've made, i'd be pretty happy with myself in general idk about you

@tindall t h e k r o n c h

if ANYBODY calls me a SleepyGirl there will be consequences, I Swear

t h u r s d a y

@batterpunts i am a firm believer in the munch -> crunch format, yes

it is thursda y

*walks up to straight couple*
which one of you is gonna munch and which one of you is gonna crunch

@Lanthus there's plenty of voidfish in the sea my friend

today is a good day to be #graspedbythevoid

old, bad, boring: what's a god to a non-believer
good, new, approved by me: what's a gender to a non-conformer

in other news, es' ongoing fantasy universe writing project: es writes Boys edition

alfred matthias vaugant, first edition: ruthless but fun-loving demon king of the entire gosh dang world who's perceived as evil and the apparent main antagonist of the series, but later revealed to be (relatively) innocent
alfred matthias vaugant, current edition: quiet sadboy half-demon whom just wants to book and destroy capitalism. still very stronk tho

occasionally i get incredibly self-conscious about tagging things (i.e. the lack of it i tend to do) but then i usually end up falling back on the weary relief that i'm a dullard and don't post anything other than one-liners and occasionally scream about gems

so pls yell at me if i need to do a thing!!

just thought out loud, "my alignment is chaotic woman-aligned"