It's hard to believe people who recommend switching phone platforms have tried it themselves. I currently spend more time denying permissions and disabling notifications than using my phone. The TCO ROI breakeven point of this endeavor is probably 2027.
@oz Android. Some of it is I simply don't like how certain things are done, but that's a small part. And some is unfamiliarity, which is not a platform fault, but definitely annoying. And a lot is simply that years of subtle configuration hasn't transferred.

@tedu I'm postponing the opposite switch back to iOS, for those same reasons. Good luck. :)

@oz yeah, for as much as I like and would probably recommend iOS to somebody starting from scratch, I don't think I could actually recommend switching.

@tedu @oz switcher to iOS here. Long time android/nexus user. The switch went fine. Just keep an open mind and know Steve Job watches over you from iCloud.

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