Why does it seem like every new condo/apartment complex in #Chicago is luxury?

Luuuuuxury living for the luuuuuxurious Chicagoan

New luuuuuxury living in the heart of windy city

Luuuuuxury. Because you’re luuuxury and you luuuuxuriously deserve it and also because we want to pad the fuck out of our luuuxurious margins

FFS some of us don’t need a vertical cruise ship we just want a place to live so we can play more in the city.

@chartier It's all been luxury developments in the burbs over the last two decades.

@pantse_macabre Seriously. Are people just not able to, like, _live_ without it having to be luxurious or pampered or 'above the plebeians' or whatever?


@chartier another thing to remember about our dumb society when it collapses

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