@paulakreuzer @paulakreuzer @nextcloud @Framasoft @Fairphone @Purism Another great post of yours!

Drop there a mention to Firefox Send. You may prefer that over a full-blown installation!

Also, is the software, but GitLab.com is the service (same duality as & WordPress.com). should be mentioned, since AFAIK they are discussing how to join the .

@paulakreuzer @paulakreuzer @nextcloud @Framasoft @Fairphone @Purism

Add these to the phones: Pine64's , Necunos'

And why is Why! over ? I have a Why! laptop. All of them have proprietary BIOSes and require proprietary drivers for WiFi and Bluetooth, while the Librem laptop don't (ok, you need to install one blob for the L15's bluetooth, but that's it)

@paulakreuzer @paulakreuzer @nextcloud @Framasoft @Fairphone @Purism

Finally, my e-reader's a Kobo with a free firmware (released on GitHub). Check my guide for airgapping it at kobo-offline.virgulilla.com/

About domestic robots, a general advice: there are vacuum robots and cooking robots without "intelligent" features requiring an internet connection. And they work great, specially if you place goggly eyes on them, so they look dumb.

@RoboePi @paulakreuzer

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll look into the ones I don't know yet and will probably add many of them.

Firefox Send is in the Google Cloud. 😨

About GitLab: I think I made that quite clear didn't I?

Why! is over Purism simply because I have experience with why! I don't know much about Purism yet, so for now it's in the notable mentions section.

@paulakreuzer @paulakreuzer Oh, bad to know Firefox Send is on Gobble Cloud. Mozilla… 😓

Congrats for the series. I'm glad I've been able to contribute (a very minimal part) to these good resources of yours. ¡Bravo! 👏

@Gautgaut @yunohost

Thanks for the tip. I don't have a section for yet, but it is on my todo list.

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