Things that could theoretically be done right but won't ever under capitalism:

- genetic engineering
- nuclear power
- browsers

@phryk In USSR genetics was banned, cybernetics was largely neglected, and nuclear power was also mostly used for WMD and related stuff.
Yes, there were also civil nuclear (icebreaker) ships; that shouldn't be dismissed. But some other aspects of "peaceful atom" of that era are less admirable.


@amiloradovsky Yeah an oligarchy doesn't necessarily act better than a capitalist society either.

In both, I'd argue that hyperstratification is probably a big issue regarding this.

The difference lies in the fact that under capitalism, cost-efficiency is always a major factor, while other systems don't necessarily have this limitation and thus probably have an easier time justifying resource intensive safety measures and design changes.

@amiloradovsky But mostly, time makes the difference, I'd say.

You have to be willing to invest resources and a huge amount of time to do these technologies right and under capitalism any company that would be willing to try will be bankrupt long before any product is rolled out.

@phryk So far states/governments are the sole investors in many/most parts of the crucial infrastructure. Private firms and markets are made not for that, but for low-level optimization under given constraints.
The correct direction of influence is from governments to firms, when it's reversed, it's a catastrophe.

@amiloradovsky Well at least on that we seem to agree. In the current systemic framework, the state would definitely be the better party to handle things like nuclear power plants, tho I'm not sure by how much since incompetence is rampant in the public sector.

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