Do I perchance know anyone climbing in the "Sächsische Schweiz" of eastern germany? 🤔

@phryk I did a few times many years ago. Still know some people who still do. What do you want to know?


@Chaos_99 I'm not quite sure, to be quite honest. 😅

If somebody was willing to mentor an absolute newbie for freeclimbing there, that would probably interest me ^^;

One thing that would definitely interest me is the absolute minimum equipment needed. I know some people climb just with chalk and climbing shoes, but can it be pared down even further? Are there people climbing barefoot?

@phryk You can go barefoot if you like (and some people do), but I wouldn't recommend it as sand stone is quite abrasive.
If you ever be caught using chalk on one of these rocks you better be good at running. That's strictly forbidden!

@phryk I wouldn't recommend this region to any newbie. The local rules make it unnecessary hard and dangerous for any climber that isn't already at an intermediate level.
You are limited in gear you can use (which mostly means less safety) there not many easy routes, (most rocks that would offer easy routes are forbidden to be climbed on), most routes need to be started without safety for the first 5-10m and your are limited in your training times due to weather (no climbing 2+ days after wet conditions)

@phryk Also, other kinds of climbing (bouldering, toprope) are either forbidden or limited to very few spots, so you can't use them for training or just diversity.

@Chaos_99 Nice, thanks for the info. I'll keep it in mind if I ever want to break their rules. :P

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