Our project has many contributors, and we'd like to take a moment to recognize a few!

- @brainblasted wrote our readme

- @hellcp joined our team and created Fred, our red panda mascot and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @trwnh joined our team and has made many contributions like refactoring the docs, triaging issues/pull requests and contributed UI/UX improvements

- @oct2pus helped us move from an MIT to AGPL license

- @kaiyou added docker support

Thank you to all contributors!

@pixelfed oh right i did that.

i also apparently convinced funkwhale to be AGPL as well. Impulsiveness is a virtue sometimes.

@oct2pus @pixelfed I appreciate it, the more copyleft software, the better ;)

@brainblasted @hellcp @trwnh @oct2pus @kaiyou

That's an awesome update to the storyline!
Thank you Pixelfed.
And thank you to every contributor that made this project possible!

@21stio I did post a link to the issue if you want to read. My opinions have shifted since then but it shows you what I thought a year ago.

I'm actually currently drafting a retrospective on my thoughts if you're interested.

@oct2pus thanks for the reference.. I'm very interested indeed, I'm looking forward :)

@21stio its been done for about 10 hours, It's not a super deep dive I just wanted to reflect on my current & past views on the AGPL as time has gone on (in respects to federated software). 4500~ character read. I'd recommend turning off mastodon's advanced interface if you have it on because its all 1 post and it might be a headache to read such a massive block of text in a tiny column.

@21stio because permissive licenses are garbage

(In general, I can see some legitimate use cases for them, but they're rare)

@romariorios thanks for your reply, it would have been nice if you would have provided some examples to illustrate your reasoning tho :P

@21stio by allowing incorporation in proprietary programs, permissive licenses enable the creation of proprietary software, which ends up hurting the user. Just imagine a proprietary Pixelfed taking over the network.

Permissive licenses do not *enforce* freedom in any way, which is precisely what makes them less free than copyleft licenses.

@pixelfed @brainblasted @hellcp @trwnh @oct2pus @kaiyou

Thank you for the switch to copyleft, but also for the commitment to improving UI/UX.

The FOSS community often neglects UI/UX, so it's always great to see teams that understand its importance.

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