Instagram has business accounts with additional features.

We are considering a different approach, Page Accounts.

Pages will support Multiple Users and ship with a Dashboard, Post Scheduling, Page Stats, Relationship Manager and more!

This will be rolling out to instances soon as an opt-in @PixelfedLabs experiment.

@pixelfed @PixelfedLabs accounts should be able to manage multiple profiles, and profiles should be uncoupled from accounts

maybe use Profile which could describe an Actor

@shlee @pixelfed @PixelfedLabs

but we're just two photographers!

In all honesty, it'd be nice to offer brands some accounts to drive adoption.

@pixelfed @PixelfedLabs Why don't you consider implementing deletion of accounts?

I want to get rid of all the spammy adposters on my instance but all I get is "This is not implemented yet".

@pixelfed @PixelfedLabs so... you will ship business accounts with extra features, basically?

Will you set the "bot" flag for these accounts so that I know they are not run by individuals but instead by a corporation/group, so I can block them?

@pettter @pixelfed @PixelfedLabs because Pages as described in the original post are designed for multiple users. So we can assume they are specifically not run by an individual, but by a group of people.

They also are described to have features that presumably are not important to individuals (like page state and relationship management).

(If those features were important to individuals, why not add it to regular accounts?)

So basically, this reads as a feature intended for corporate/group use, and therefore is basically a persona representing a brand. Basically, a bot.

(If the bot flag doesn't make sense, please propose another flag. Like "brand", "corporation", or "multi-user").

@sixohsix @pixelfed @PixelfedLabs Just because something is designed for multiple users doesn't mean that they will be used by multiple users.

Not every users' ideal feature set is identical. For some people it will likely make sense to get a Page account, and for others not.

Similarly, for some groups, getting a regular account would make more sense than a Page account.

@pettter @pixelfed @PixelfedLabs the described feature is _literally_ the feature set of a product designed for brand/corporate use by a company that makes money from brands using that feature. They've optimized it for brands.

If an individual wants those features it sounds like they're intending to turn themselves into a brand. Same difference.

Your argument sounds like the one against gun control: an AR-15 is literally designed to kill people effectively and efficiently, but because some people _could_ use it for hunting then it shouldn't be required that AR-15 ownership is controlled.

I'm not saying that fediverse use will get me killed, but the way that people interact on this thing is somewhat decided by the shape of the tool they use to interact. And a brand-shaped tool sounds like a social weapon.

@pixelfed @PixelfedLabs it really depends on how you approach this honestly.

multiple accounts: good. its an incredibly useful feature from tumblr to just...have multiple accounts for talking about different things, sharing accounts might be nice because it can facilitate cooperative image blogs.

post scheduling: good. I'm surprised this really isn't anywhere else I've always found it useful for spreading out 'repeated' content on tumblr, or for consistently updating while i'm away.

Page Stats: Okay, sounds useful for individuals looking to sell their wares. depends on how granular you want to make it I think something coarse will be fine for this kind of person. I think "interactions by time of day" is generally fine. I'm generally more fine on allowances for this than many on the fediverse because i want the fediverse to be attractive to small creatives, but I think many will want to gut you because you're enabling the possibility of social media marketing.

relationship manager: i don't even know what this is supposed to be so i can't be mad or not mad about it. it...doesn't sound good? re: page stats.

@oct2pus @pixelfed @PixelfedLabs i think stats are currently planned to be really coarse, not like those toxic unfollower apps that people use that tell you who hasn't been liking your posts / etc

relationship manager is like mastodon's relationship manager but idk why it should be limited to page accounts. i really dont know why any of this should be limited to page accounts tbh

@pixelfed @PixelfedLabs

Why not just give everyone the nice features like post scheduling etc?

And why copycat the very aspects of instagram that make it so undesirable as to need a federated alternative?

@pixelfed @PixelfedLabs instagram has creator accounts too, which i like that i can label myself as an artist not a corporation.

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