Are you a JavaScript engineer who really ought to know some CSS but is avoiding it?
What are your main pain or confusion points?
I want to help you, but I need to understand the problem first.

@ppk Judging by the code:

1. Specificity, inheritance, and the cascade.
2. How tools like Sass and Less generate their output and affect the former.

In particular, I think the cascade is viewed as "global scope," and something to fight instead of work with.


@webinista Yes, the cascade is a clear pain point. But I'm not sure whether explaining it again would help; I need to understand what JS peeps expect.

@ppk Of my experience can only agree with @webinista: The expectation is, that the cascade should dissapear. Not possible.
A solution for not getting unwanted inheritage is, to make sure to use a unique class-name per component-element.

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