Was it a set of silver speakers and a pair of gold-plated headphones?

"Treasure of legendary Danish king Bluetooth unearthed in Germany"


It's a set of dentists' appliances.

(Seriously, Harald Bluetooth got his name thanks to his toothache, which was eventually cured by monks, which led him to conclude Christ was clearly better than Odin.)

@ppk Hah, I did not know that 😄 Another thing I just learned (from eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_i) is that Bluetooth was only meant to be a project codename, but attempts to replace it with a 'real' name were doomed to failure. Also one of the other proposed names was "Flirt" because it was about "getting close, but not touching" 😳Glad they didn't go with that one! (This is fun research for me, because I'm just writing a new Web Bluetooth talk for Samsung Create on Thursday!)

@peter Oh right, Samsung Create is coming up. Very interested to hear how that one goes. Did you sell out?

@ppk Not yet... I think it's been quite challenging especially due to how soon it is, since we announced and started on it, and that we (mostly our colleague(s) in Samsung Research America, plus our team in the UK) have been doing everything ourselves, in between all our other stuff. But we've shipped most of the tickets now, and hope a few more will go last-minute too... One thing that's been nice is that we have been able to give some tickets away to local communities too.


@peter Yes, you announced only two months before the conference or so, and that's late.

But good luck; I'll retweet stuff if I see it, and I'm very curious how you will feel about your first Samsung conference once it's done.

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